Barco ClickShare Meeting Experience Center, Belgium

AVer Pro AV Devices Help Power Barco’s ClickShare Meeting Experience Center in Belgium

We are delighted to be part of the Large Ideation Room in the newly opened ClickShare Meeting Experience Center at Barco’s headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium. AVer's Pro AV Cameras and Matrix Tracking Box help showcase the adaptability of ClickShare technology and its vast collaborative ecosystem.

Distinctive concepts, customized seating, and purposeful equipment arrangements have been meticulously designed for various configurations, resulting in a dynamic and purpose-driven environment. This space fosters vibrant interactions, meaningful connections, and collaborative endeavors, all with the objective of cultivating and nurturing relationships between employees and guests during seamless hybrid meetings.

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Showcasing meaningful workspaces with ClickShare’s brand-new Meeting Experience Center
Barco ClickShare
AVer PTC310UV2 Microsoft Teams Certified Auto Tracking Camera
AVer PTZ310UNV2 NDI® HX3 Streaming PTZ Camera
AVer MT300N NDI® Industry-First Matrix Tracking Box