Gospel Meeting Broadcasting
Yeouido Catholic Church, South Korea

AVer PTZ Camera Solutions


Founded on September 17, 1974, the Yeouido Catholic Church has been the center of faith and life in local society. It provides all kinds of support in the community, including mass, confession, premarital counseling, infant baptism, and more.

Considering its rapid growth in attendance, the church decided to adopt AVer’s PTZ310 and PTZ330 cameras for broadcasting its weekday and Sunday masses. The AVer PTZ cameras’ superior fluid pan and tilt performance capture every moment of the service. Also, the powerful optical zoom capability of the cameras’ allows worshippers to clearly see every angle and catch each facial expression of the priest delivering mass.

Yeouido Catholic Church operates the cameras with a Calla Media Edistec EPC7000 Camera Controller, which enables the event broadcaster to easily switch between shots and create moving productions of the services. Furthermore, broadcasting these gospel presentations does not require a large staff of technicians; instead, one person is enough to record or stream the entire event, by using Calla D-0212 SDI/HDMI Distribution and Soundcraft Notepad-12FX Mixer. The highest praise that AVer PTZ cameras can receive is that they grant more people time to get closer to God by effectively reducing the resources and energy necessary to broadcast Yeouido Catholic Church’s services.

Why AVer?

With high optical zooms and smooth video creation, AVer Professional PTZ Cameras enable you to capture important events without complex setup, saving you personnel and equipment costs. Integrating tracking, live broadcasting, and streaming functions into our cameras gives you the ability to share your cherished moments with those you value most!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Yeouido Catholic Church and Calla Media for choosing AVer PTZ Camera Solutions for their broadcasting needs.

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